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Services offered are related to equipment and instruments that are part of our scope and include:

  • Basic and detail engineering,
  • Technical assistance, at field and/or remote,
  • Process and mechanical project review,
  • Process simulations,
  • Debottlenecking,
  • Operations upgrades,
  • Calibration,

Field Services

Erect ion and maintenance assistance

  • Technical support at plant or remote for diagnostics and/or troubleshooting;
  • Technical support by experienced technicians / inspectors;
  • Assistance to climbers and drone tip inspection;
  • Support to shutdowns, start-up and erection;
  • 24 / 7 availability;
  • Adjustments / setup of pilots, ignitors, purge and pilot gas systems, etc;
  • Sytems upgrade;
  • Maintenance programs;
  • Operators and maintenance team training;
  • Components repairs.

Tests our shop

Our pilots and ignition systems are tested before shipments using LPG being other gases available upon agreement.