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Biogas systems

We focus on innovation through experience to supply efficient and reliable systems.

Our scope of supply includes:

  • Flares, elevated type, model MQ, for up to 7 Nm3/h, FQ with water Seal incorporated and CQ, without water Seal;
  • Enclosed flares, for high combustion efficiency and 99,9+% H2S destruction;
  • Flare pilots using biogas and/or LPG, filters and flame arrestor, with thermocouple for controlling ignition;
  • Pressure and vacuum relief valves with flame arrestor;
  • Thermal block valves, self actuated or by external sensor;
  • Automatic or manual condensate drains with easy to change pressure setting;
  • Biogas dryers using refrigeration system and water cooling;
  • Process SulfitB for desulphurization and drying in one stage;
  • Desulphurization by air injection in anaerobic lagoons, including monitoring and control panel, pressure indicator and transmitter, high efficiency mini compressor, oxygen analyzer online;
  • Skid for pilot biogas including blower and conditioning system;
  • Odor treatment system using biofilters or by incineration using biogas as fuel,

Most of equipment above is fabricated in SS 304 or 316 and duly tested before shipment.

Component supplied by foreign companies that can be incorporated in our systems are:

  • Gas holders, double or single membrane type, and wet/floating type, in carbon steel, up to 30 m3 capacity;
  • ATEX blowers;

Following components are also part of biogas systems:

  • On line biogas analyzers;
  • Methane and H2 monitors, portable or fixed, with data logger;
  • H2S analyzer for installation in scrubber stack (100% relative humidity) that allows hypochlorite / caustic soda injection control;
  • Mass flow meters, probe type, operating at 100% relative humidity using our exclusive “conditioner”.
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