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Torre de Flare

Enclosed Flares

These flares, as well as thermal oxidizers attain, and usually exceed, the most stringent emissions standards. We usually design them to operate a 1000 o, with resident times over 0,3 seconds and 100 mm ceramic fiber insulation. These conditions allow destruction efficiency of over 99,5%.

They are used in applications that require:

  • Non visible flame and almost zero radiation,
  • Variable flow rates with constant efficiency,
  • Stable operation even in adverse meteorological conditions,
  • Precise control of combustion chamber temperature,
  • Easy maintenance.

Two distinctive characteristics of the flares are:

  • Automatic dampers in horizontal position, at combustion chamber bottom, that allows a better control of temperature, easier flame visual monitoring and streamline air flow,
  • Burners tips, flame retention type, with a high efficiency venture that entrain a larger primary air stream promoting a better combustion due to shorter flames.

When the gas LHV does not support combustion it is necessary to use assist gas and the flare is called Thermal Oxidizer. It is supplied with dedicated burners and the assist gas flow is controlled by a mass flow controller (MFC) that maintain the preset temperature in combustion chamber.

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